How To Find Your Paint Code On Your Vehicle

How To Find Your Paint Code On Your Vehicle

How to find your paint code on your vehicle.

With the all different make and models available on the market, there are just as many shades of colors that are available too.

When ordering a painted to match one-piece truck bed cover from UnderCover the name of the color alone doesn’t matter. Car manufacturer’s use the same color name for different colors. For example, a manufacturer has a color called Candy Apple Red in 2016, but in 2018 they make a slight change to the color making it a little bit brighter. Although the name remains the same and the color doesn’t look that much different, it’s technically now two different colors, and each one of those colors will have a unique paint code.

So where do I find my paint code?

Let’s go over some of the common places to find your paint code. For most cases, your paint code can be found inside the driver’s door jam. Two types of paint codes are listed — one is for the exterior paint, the other is for the cabin or interior color. One code may say “paint” the other “trim.” Jot down the paint code and call your dealer’s service department to have them decode this for you.

Jot down your VIN number. The VIN number is a unique 17-digit serial number to your specific vehicle. Typically your VIN number can be found on the left side of the dashboard through the windshield. After you have the number contact your dealer and ask them for the color code, and precise name.

Last case scenario if you can’t seem to locate your paint code, check your owner’s manual. Your book may identify where your paint code placards have been placed on your vehicle. Depending on your model/make these placards could be located in non-common places listed above.

Can I Use the Internet?

Be wary when using the Internet to decode your paint code. A handful of websites may provide your paint name and code, but it doesn’t mean it’s correct or up to date.

To learn more, check out some of our helpful videos that help locate your paint code based on your make:

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