UnderCover Flex

Starting at $893.00


The UnderCover Flex is a hard folding truck bed cover that gives you the ultimate control of your truck bed, offering three secure riding positions. The cover is easy to install and remove with our easy clamp-on design, and is mounted flush with your trucks bed rails making it the most watertight hard folding cover on the market. The Flex is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum panels providing strength and durability.

Each Flex has a bed rail mounting system equipped with rubber seals and drain tubes that carry water away from and out of the bed, keeping your gear dry and secure. The Flex is backed by a 3-year warranty making it America's favorite hard folding tonneau cover.

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  • Low-Profile Design w/ an UV Protective Black Finish
  • Aluminum Top Skin Panel
  • Three Secure Driving Positions, with 100% Bed Access
  • Dual Action Tailgate Seal for Easy Operation


Please feel free to make use of the UnderCover Flex installation instructions below to assist you. Upon purchase you’ll receive vehicle specific instructions. However, if you have further questions or need technical assistance, please call one of our knowledgeable installation experts at 866-900-8800.


The UnderCover Flex carries a 3-year warranty.
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Full Bed Access

Built-in prop rods secure the cover allowing your truck to be driven with the cover fully open.

Weather Resistant

Rubber seals and drain tubes channel water away from and out of the bed.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Flex is constructed with heavy-duty Aluminum panels providing strength and durability. The SpeedKlamps lock the cover in place at the rear, adding strength and stability for your off-road adventure.


680 Total
Rupert S.
2020 Ford Ranger
5 / 5
7 August 2021
great service and quality product
Billy L.
2018 GMC Sierra 1500
5 / 5
27 July 2021
Great product and great dealer installer
Chester D.
2017 Ram 2500
5 / 5
26 July 2021
Overall best cover on the market and for the price the ease of installation and overall the construction of the product. You will not be disappointed.
Leland W.
2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
23 July 2021
My 3rd undercover bed cover is why I keep coming back. Quality product and great service.
Dean V.
2021 Nissan Titan
5 / 5
23 July 2021
This is my third pickup cover I have purchased and it is so far the easiest to open and close and looks great.
Chester D.
2017 Ram 2500
5 / 5
21 July 2021
Great product and will recommend to anyone who wants a great product.
John S.
2019 Ram 1500
5 / 5
21 July 2021
Absolutely love the low profile look and how easy it was to install yet it is well built and on strong.
John E.
2018 Ram 1500
5 / 5
12 July 2021
Owned the older model on my 2012 Silverado. Could definitely tell the difference in craftsmanship and quality in the newer model
Gabriel P.
2019 Ram 1500
5 / 5
11 July 2021
This is my second one. The first was on a 2013 Ram 2500. Love the product! My Brother has owned 2 as well
Rodney J.
2013 Ram 1500
5 / 5
6 July 2021
Excellent job